At Platform Eight we’re innovative, fastidious and pride ourselves on being client orientated. The strategy behind each project is to not only fulfill our client’s needs, but to surpass what they envisage. This is in line with our philosophy to keep challenging our objectives, to keep moving our aspirational goal posts.

We are well adept at making ourselves scarce at events where capturing the most candid and real shots encapsulates the most evocative and powerful moments. And sometimes we are asked to creative a narrative through image where we include location as a character, or sometimes food as the central protagonist.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and understand this is paramount in creating partnerships that are vital to our growth. With that ideal we have attracted like-minded clients who are willing to take even the smallest of chances outside their initial request, or to allow us complete creative freedom while nursing their briefs gently in the palms of our hands. But also, we are able to gauge what is needed, because we listen, and get excited to make your dreams a reality.